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Khwaja Imran Mohammed

Experienced IT Manager | IT Infrastructure | Cloud | DevOps

Delivering Business Value Through Technology

I'm an information technology evangelist, technology strategist, wannabe CIO, photographer and social networker all bundled into a physical frame that needs trimming and an intellectual one that tries to expand constantly. I'm a technologist with a passion to simplify complicated things. I strongly feel that technology can change the way we do & see things...

My working philosophy; work hard, have fun doing it, make others laugh, make an impact. Simple as that.

I'm a husband and the father of two bright sparks; Rida and Sidra. My personal philosophy; Be the best damn person you can be and live life like you mean it.

Most of all, I'm a work in progress...

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Alternatively, call me on my mobile # +61-421731866

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